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Dive - In!

Tobago is home to some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the world! . Dive in crystal clear waters through huge populations of marine fish or explore some of the largest brain corals & vast array of sea sponges found in the world.

Dives on the south side of the island which range from mild drift to wreck dives. Visit areas such as the Flying Reef, Diver's Dream, Mt Irvine Wall, Cove reef, and the well-known Maverick Wreck.*  Swim with Barracuda, Black Durgon, and Rainbow Runner fish. See turtles, Stag Horn corals, and Cubera Snapper.  Almost guaranteed are sighting of massive rays and sharks.

Dives at Speyside include Japenese gardens and lots of dives at little tobago.

With the combination of diving with Tobago's top dive centre and luxury accommodation at The Palms, what better way to experience the magic of Tobago's underwater world?

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* dive sites are chosen based on experience level & current weather/water conditions

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