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verandahs and pools

Carnivals in this region are legendary, being a part of life in Tobago & Trinidad for over 300 Years. Preparations take months and you live the whole experience through all your five senses and the sheer energy everywhere.

Besides Carnival there are a multitude of festivities that take place throughout the year. You can attend the Angostura Race Week or take in the annual Goat Races. There is always something to see and do on Tobago!

When it comes to eating out the diversity of the ethnic population in Tobago is reflected in the native dishes. Local ingredients of flying fish, crab, and conch infused with influences of East Indian, Thai, and Creole cuisine make for some extraordinary and memorable meals. Whether it is hot and spicy or succulently sweet, Tobagonian's have some delectable recipes you'll likely be taking home!

In-house catering can be arranged – just ‘ask our office’ for details!

After dinner, why not dance to the rhythms of Calypso, Soca or Steel Drums? Let the locals teach you the Caribbean way! There is always a venue for everyone to shake it up and try their hand at the local dances.

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